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Safety Incident "four does not let off" processing principle

Safety Incident "four does not let off" processing principle


Enterprise safety production management will appear in the process of accident investigation and handling principles of "three-no pass" and "four pass" principle, make people unable to agree, I do not know so, now from the Angle of safety education and training, as an illustration, the truth.

"Three-no pass" principle from April 7, 1975 the state council on forwarding the national production safety meeting minutes notice, the main contents are: the cause of the accident analysis of qing court, the accident responsible and the masses not under education don't pass, no preventive measures. Purpose is to find out the cause of the accident, to accept the lesson, to prevent the similar accident repeating. Feb 17, 2004 File by the general office of the state council "about enhancing work safety emergency notification" ([2004] no. 7) put forward the "four pass" : the responsibility is not implemented, major workplace accidents, we will strictly according to the cause of the accident did not find out don't pass and responsible untreated don't pass, don't pass, corrective actions did not fulfil relevant personnel are not education don't pass the "four pass" principles and the state council on catastrophic accidents the regulation of administrative responsibility "(state council order no. 302), serious about leadership and those responsible will be blamed. Purpose is to emphasis on accountability, this is what we often say "accidents" four pass "principles".

Safety accident "four pass" principles of management of the main content is:

1, the cause of the accident did not find out don't pass;

2, responsible under processing don't pass;

3, malpractice and the masses, not under education don't pass;

4, the accident didn't formulate feasible corrective actions.

The first layer of the principle of "four pass" means in the investigation and handling safety accident, the accident cause analysis first to make sure that, find out the real cause of the accident, can not be perfunctory, not easily to conclusions when the accident has not yet found the main reason, nor the secondary reason as a real reason, did not find the real reason is not easily let go, until you find the real cause of the accident, and find out the causal relationship between the various factors is to achieve the purpose of the cause of the accident analysis.

The second meaning of the "four pass" principle is the requirement in accident investigation and handling security, cannot think cause analysis clear, relevant personnel also deals with the calculated to complete the task, and must also make the accident responsible for the masses to understand the cause of the accident and the damage caused by, and deep understanding to do well the importance of safety in production, we draw lessons from the accident, pay more attention to the safety work in the future work.

The principle of "four pass" the third meaning is required for the cause of the accident, the must be serious production safety accident investigation and handling of at the same time, also must be put forward to prevent the same or similar accidents feasible prevention measures, implement and supervise and urge the accident unit. Only in this way, is to achieve the ultimate purpose of the investigation and handling of the accident.

The principle of "four pass" the fourth layer of meaning is also the embodiment of safety accident responsibility person, responsible for the accident must be strictly in accordance with the relevant safety accident responsibility regulations and the provisions of laws and regulations for serious processing.

Production safety accident is due to people's unsafe behavior or unsafe factors of mechanical equipment, etc. In order to prevent the similar accident repeating, in dealing with accident to adhere to the principle of "four pass". "Four pass", not only stay in oral, but truly, truly, there should be a specific action, not only to find out the reason and deal with those responsible, to carry out the corrective actions, more profound lessons, it is important to extrapolate, to do a good job of production safety supervision and prevention. Production safety accident in the event, often accompanied by the death of innocent lives, this lesson once is enough, don't always learn, even never learn.

Safety in production, responsibility is more important than mount tai, the responsibility in the shoulder, in the person's heart, as long as everyone safe production this alert, always think safety, everywhere holding safety, according to the national production safety laws, regulations, rules, regulations and standards, specifications we each management work, the staff, various departments at all levels of safety responsibility, safety management system implementation in place, implement measures, there is a problem immediate improvement, there are hidden dangers in a timely manner to eliminate, to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, to ensure the safety in production of the enterprise, to provide security for the construction of a harmonious society.

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