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Henan Poultry Association

Henan Poultry Association


Henan is the largest national animal husbandry, animal husbandry output value of more than two thousand one hundred million yuan, the main livestock production are ranked among the top nationwide. Huge industry scale and rapid development, for livestock equipment, kinds of livestock and poultry, feed, veterinary drugs, animal products processing and other related industrial products and their results, information, talents brought broad market demand. Henan poultry trade fair successfully held after the 27th, with a lot of information, trade, and culture connotation, influential, exhibition brand loud, comprehensive exhibition has become the important animal husbandry industry, animal husbandry has become the domestic and foreign enterprises to enter the central plains market an important platform. At present, our country is in a critical period of reform, development and economic transformation and upgrading, in order to adapt to market development needs, animal husbandry animal husbandry industrial structure adjustment, promote the transformation and upgrading of animal husbandry industry, comprehensively promote animal husbandry modernization, realize animal husbandry "Chinese dream", the study decided, in 2016 in zhengzhou international conference and exhibition center held the 28th zhongyuan livestock poultry trade fair (henan) trading fair.

The meeting content

1, the kinds of livestock and poultry, the scale of livestock and poultry farms;

2, feed ingredients, feed additives, premix feed, full price feed, feed production new technology, grass seeds, etc.;

3, veterinary medicine, veterinary medicine raw materials, veterinary drugs, additives, livestock and poultry vaccines, biological products, etc.;

4, livestock farming, egg hatching equipment, biological engineering, environmental control, sewage treatment equipment, feed processing, feed quality inspection, forage processing equipment, veterinary medicine production and veterinary apparatus and instruments, animal disease monitoring equipment, meat slaughtering and processing, egg and egg products processing, dairy processing equipment, livestock product packaging materials, packaging equipment and livestock and poultry, fodder transporter, etc.

5, the high quality brand ChuQinRou products, egg products, dairy products, animal products processing and cold storage technology facilities, food safety testing and quality traceability system technical facilities, etc.;

6, biomass energy equipment, technology, etc.;

7, animal husbandry, finance, insurance, guarantees, animal husbandry and electricity; Animal husbandry and technology promotion, animal husbandry and engineering design; Media publicity, recruitment and other related services.

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Address:South of West Section, Yangguang Avenue, Xuchang Economic-Technological Development Area, China

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