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China 's original research and generic drugs market and price competition

China 's original research and generic drugs market and price competition


The original market and price of drugs and generic drugs

It is because of our country medicine insisted that years of effort, there is a group of qualified generic drug production, to ensure the availability of essential drugs in China and affordable.  But, at present the original drugs and generic drugs appeared different both in price and market competition.

The price of (a)

The original medicine refers to the general enterprises of patented drugs of the drugs. Is referred to as "general",  because a lot of the drug patents already had the period of validity of the enterprise, even though in other countries have the patent right, but there is no patent in our country.  And give the original medicine set high legal basis is mainly the government pricing of pharmaceuticals for the provisions of article 6: the difference with the GMP pharmaceutical GMP, the original development and generic drugs,  new drugs and famous and common drug pricing, drug quality. Provisions in the second half of the dosage form, of course, same specification of the same kind of drug, has been invented the patent protection of the original drugs than GMP production of generic drugs,  injection price differential is not more than 35%, other dosage forms price differential is less than 30%.

If according to the standard to perform, with the same specification standards of the original drugs and generic drugs price price differential should not exceed the standards approved by the state, but in fact didn't really do it. For many have high degree of localization of varieties, the original medicine does exist "super national treatment".

(2) market

In market competition, generic drugs compared with the original drugs competitive advantage is mainly embodied in the following aspects:

1, the policy advantage:  the state administration of drug registration department to strengthen the management of generic drugs, make regulations:  have generic drug production ability and the condition of enterprise, a declaration of generic drugs shall not exceed five.  These factors of the policy will promote the production process of generic drug, because from a certain perspective, limit the number of a declaration, it provides a market opportunity for more enterprises. Because market capacity is limited, and strengthen the division of labor, to do fine do is the only way to strengthen drug firms.

2, advantage: the state of the union of the current situation in China, the people's consumption level, especially in medical consumption level is not high, also need some patent drug treatment for the disease in the vast rural areas, and even many cities can't get effective supply. Even if there is supply, the price is far beyond the patient's level of consumption, leads to the imbalance of supply and demand and the potential public health crisis. The people's health demand provides an objective for this market opportunity.

3, raw material advantages: active pharmaceutical ingredients to produce obvious advantages, rich in resources. Our country is API production country, raw material supply can effectively cooperate with generics production schedule.  At present our country many manufacturers is basically produced active pharmaceutical ingredients, repackaging agents sales.

4, imitation ability advantage: most of the generic drug production enterprise strength is higher, its infrastructure, research and development strength, Labour costs have comparative advantage.  The advantage of human resources is also clear that China has 200000 scientific research personnel engaged in the biological medicine science and technology work,  the vast majority of distribution in the large enterprise, strong companies with strongman, horse generics production can reduce a lot of preparatory work.

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