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SINCE 2016

Jinyao Xinrui Pharmacy Co., Ltd.

  Jinyao Xinrui Pharmacy Co., Ltd. is located in the historical and cultural city, the former capital of Han and Wei Dynasty, the National Forest City -Xuchang City, Henan.

  The company is the limited liability company invested or held by natural person, initiated by the Jinyao Ruida (Xuchang) Biological Technology Co., Ltd., namely, the holding subsidiary of Tianjin pharmaceutical group on April 15, 2016, the name of the company is approved by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce, and the registered capital is 50 million Yuan.

  The company mainly produces neomycin sulfate, its annual capacity is up to 130 trillion, it is a comprehensive animal pharmaceutical enterprise integrated with development, research, production and sales.

  Company management: production and sales of biological products, biochemical drugs and veterinary drugs, sales of chemical products and self-products, the purchase of broken rice demanded by this enterprise and other agricultural and sideline products, materials for processing.

  The company firmly sets up the Core Business Philosophy of "quality is life", adheres to the enterprise culture of "unity, tension, solemnity and liveliness". Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is the action guide for us to produce high-quality product.

  The company is based on talents and takes technology as power. The company implements "talents revitalizing the enterprise" strategy, sets up the good mechanism of talents introduction, use and retaining, attracts large quantities of "education background + practice" advanced composite talents and experienced industry leaders to provide strong protection for the development prospect of the company. There are more than 220 staff in the company, full of a galaxy of talents in each specialty, which forms talents conveying mode with multiple universities and colleges of Henan, so as to create high-quality products and services, and to make contributions to social development.


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Address:South of West Section, Yangguang Avenue, Xuchang Economic-Technological Development Area, China

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